Since August 28, 2023, recruits hired by the SPVM will follow the new eight-week Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière), which now includes the “Immersion MTL” component.


During the first three weeks, recruits will become familiar with the special features of policing at the SPVM. They are also trained on different types of police interventions adapted to Montréal realities during experiential learning with actors.


During the following five weeks, stakeholders will host these recruits, without a uniform or a weapon, so they can experience their reality with them, within their organization or institution, in their community, with absolute humility and respect, as equals.

The immersive experiences offered to recruits differ depending on the mission and capabilities of the organizations and institutions hosting them. All of these experiences are also aimed at preparing recruits so that they can better interact and better consider sensitive interventions with Montréal populations.

“Immersion MTL” aims to bring together future police officers from different communities to strengthen the bond of trust with the public.

Examples of immersive experiences

  • Listening to a person with a mental health problem talk about their realities and pathway. 
  • Helping a person with a neurodevelopmental disorder or a disability with everyday tasks. 
  • Distributing food.
  • Participating actively in francization courses for newcomers.
  • Sharing the routine of a culturally diverse family. 
  • Meeting people in their life after prison.

Moreover, the SPVM is very grateful towards its many stakeholders who meet recruits so they can discover their realities and potentially gain a better understanding of this when responding to calls.


As part of the Recruit Intake and Integration Program [Programme d’accueil et d’intégration de la recrue (PAIR)], officers then accompany recruits on joining a neighbourhood police station (PDQ), with the support of their team members.

Known as “PAIR officers”, these experienced police officers help recruits to effectively integrate into their group, their working environment and their tasks.

New members are eventually better equipped to have a successful career at the SPVM.


“Immersion MTL” is based on the Professional Development Program – Immersion (Programme de développement professionnel – Immersion) of the Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL). However, it is adapted to the special features of Montréal and the needs and realities of the SPVM and the populations it serves.

The client group targeted by the SPAL mainly includes police officers who are already serving and have experience in various sections of the police force. “Immersion MTL” targets new recruits as a priority.

The objective sought by the SPVM is to better equip recruits faced with Montréal realities on joining their neighbourhood police station (PDQ).

Like all other components of the Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière), “Immersion MTL” prepares you as an individual and a professional for the various challenges you may encounter on joining your neighbourhood police station (PDQ). You will have the chance to experience Montréal realities, without having to operate in emergency or problem-solving mode.

You will consequently be more at ease in your interactions with different populations. Immersion MTL will help you gain a good understanding of the rich diversity and sensitivities relating to some grey areas of policing in Montréal.

Immersion MTL does not include any overnight stays.

The immersive experiences take place during the day, afternoon or evening shifts, depending on the activities proposed by stakeholders.

Recruits are compensated under the collective agreement in force.

A clothing allowance is provided by the collective agreement under certain conditions. Recruits accordingly receive an allowance for this purpose during the days when they are undergoing immersion since they wear civilian clothes.

As part of the Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière), “Immersion MTL” takes place in safe environments, in collaboration with various organizations and institutions. If the SPVM considers that the presence of recruits could disrupt a resource’s daily routine or it is not a safe environment, it would not run the immersive activity, out of respect for its partner and its employee(s).

In its role as employer, the SPVM needs to ensure the security of its employees. It’s also a shared responsibility with the unions. This is why we have implemented measures to ensure the smooth running of immersive experiences and the security of everyone present including yours, as recruits in civilian clothing and without a weapon.

These measures inform police teams in the field that recruits are present in resources within the sector of their neighbourhood police station (PDQ). The teams accordingly know that they are expected to provide support as part of their everyday work. These measures are completely unconnected to the level of risk linked to one resource or another.

In Montréal, like elsewhere in the world, unforeseen events occur that have nothing to do with the immersion initiative. With the measures promoted by the neighbourhood police stations (PDQ) and the Centrale 911, we are able to support you and provide an appropriate response if needed.

For now, the “Immersion MTL” component is limited to the Police Integration Program (Programme d’intégration à la fonction policière) at the SPVM.