Discover the work of a police cadet

Are you interested in the police profession? Do you wonder if you would be comfortable carrying out police duties? The police cadet program is for you.

Come and gain work experience in the field and meet exciting challenges with us by supporting police operations.

To prepare for the police cadet function, the SPVM will provide you with paid training can last up to 45 hours and supply you with uniforms and necessary equipment to carry out the duties.

You can work full-time as a police cadet in the summer, at the Urban Brigade, on traffic management or on other assignments depending on needs.  However, outside of the summertime, police cadets only work on certain local prevention programs and at mandatory events, such as the Saint Patrick day parade, the Montréal Marathon, the Santa Claus parade, etc.

You will have varied responsibilities, such as:

Conducting preventive foot or bike patrols;

  • Being assigned to the Info-Crime program;
  • Issuing parking tickets;
  • Controlling visitors;
  • Participating in the application of specific local prevention programs (distributing leaflets, issuing courtesy tickets and chiselling);
  • Sharing information about prevention programs for the community;
  • Being assigned to reporting complaints;
  • Carrying out video surveillance operations;
  • Redirecting traffic, controlling peaceful crowds and providing information to citizens during sporting, cultural and public events. 


Pay (2021): $17.42/hour